The aim of this workshop is to present and discuss the new paradigms of cancerogenesis in order to design new therapeutic strategy to fight cancer. We will gather academicians and young inspired scientists from all around the world involved in researches at the cutting edge in the study of the biology and clinics of Cancer. We gladly welcome attendees interested in learning on the recent discoveries in the cancer field.

Major topics

  • The role of stroma and of immune response in Cancer
  • Cell metabolism and Cancer
  • Emerging technologies for cancer diagnosis and therapy
  • Oncogenes, oncosuppressors and Non Coding RNAs in Cancer development
  • Focus on hematooncology, mesothelioma, breast cancer, ovary cancer, pancreatic cancer
Program: Final program of NO-CANCER 2017
Abstract: Abstract book-final Oct 25
Notes for events: TIPS AND NOTES NO-CANCER2017
DEADLINE submit by October 18th your Abstract to be selected for Short Communication or Flash Communication. ONLY 120 participants admitted. (Registration has been closed on Oct 18th because of overbooking = 160 registered delegates)


NO-CANCER-2017 Novara Oct 2017-Advanced Program Oct 16

Social-cultural events

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Conference Venue: Aula Magna, loggione dell’Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Maggiore della Carità di Novara, Corso Mazzini 18. (15 min walk from railway station)Novara Hospital

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